[Dshield] Wireless broadcasts

Daniel Cherton dcherton at aei.ca
Wed Jun 29 21:38:42 GMT 2005

I would like to go with TTLS but from what I saw, correct me if I'm 
wrong, is not part of WinXP.
PEAP is. My router/Firewall as the ability to do both.
 From some articles I read, PEAP would be sufficient for a small 
business and... hummm,
it's only for my home network.... with ...one wireless laptop.....still, 
with a lot of private and sensitive work information.
I checked the wireless range and, I can not have a link 10 feet pass the 
front door. Still. it works very well in the garden.
So, I still want maximum security at a low (free) price.

Thanks for the answer. And yes, I'm very interested in security !


Cefiar wrote:

>On Wednesday 29 June 2005 02:48, Daniel Cherton wrote:
>>Which is why I'm switching to 802.1x and PEAP .
>>Anybody knows a free RADIUS server for Windows, else I'll go with Linux.
>As mentioned IAS does that job. Are you sure you want to use PEAP though? 
>There are 2 implementations of PEAP - one from Cisco, one from MS and they 
>vary just enough to cause issues. You should also note that any user ID stuff 
>(not the password, just the username/ID) is sent in the clear with PEAP. 
>Personally, I'd recommend TTLS if you're really interested in security. TTLS 
>also uses much less traffic to actually authenticate with the server compared 
>to PEAP. A real boon if you migrate between AP's (as you need to 
>re-authenticate), and reduces the load on the Radius server. It also allows 
>the client to actually authenticate that it's talking to the right server, 
>rather than just assuming that whatever server it's talking to is the correct 

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