[Dshield] little experiment

David McCall david at atgi.net
Tue Mar 1 01:02:29 GMT 2005

Ok, that time it worked!

Even though I've got Black Ice and Norton AV, I chose NOT to be scanned,
just because I go through alot of this stuff weekly....and often scan
myself with nmap just to see how Black Ice is doing...

Great idea!


 David C. McCall
UNIX Administrator
  admin at atgi.net
  david at atgi.net 

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I setup a little experimental site that tries to do a couple simple 
security checks based on browser id and such, and a portscan. I do need 
a couple more people to see if it works / is helpful.

http://www.amihacked.com is the URL. Let me know if it works or where it 
breaks. One of the goals is also to make some of the dshield information 
a bit more accessible. We already have the 'are you hacked' banner, but 
its a bit limited when it comes to the next step ("Why is the banner 
flashing at me?").

thanks for any feedback.


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