[Dshield] little experiment

Abuse abuse at what4now.com
Tue Mar 1 04:07:49 GMT 2005

** Reply to message from "Johannes B. Ullrich" <jullrich at euclidian.com> on Mon,
28 Feb 2005 18:53:04 -0500

> http://www.amihacked.com is the URL. Let me know if it works or where it 
> breaks. One of the goals is also to make some of the dshield information 
> a bit more accessible. We already have the 'are you hacked' banner, but 
> its a bit limited when it comes to the next step ("Why is the banner 
> flashing at me?").
> thanks for any feedback.

It does not update after 10 seconds as stated on the web page, it waited until
the entire test was done.  You did identify my browser correctly.

This is how you identified my machine (I thought it was funny):

Device type: storage-misc
Running: IBM embedded
OS details: IBM 3494 Magnetic Tape Library

Running on a laptop (OS/2) behind a firewall on a gateway (OS/2 with the Injoy
Firewall) PC (small home LAN).

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