[Dshield] ISC (and DShield) design contest

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Tue Mar 1 22:08:16 GMT 2005

For a while now, I am trying to move to a more "web standards based" 
design on ISC and DShield. But well, I am a php coder, not a designer,
and wasted a lot of time not getting far.

The goal is to make the site more maintainable. Ideally, isc.sans.org
and www.dshield.org (which are hosted on the same server) would use the
same php code, but two different style sheets.

To safe myself some time, I decided to invest some of the money we get 
from google for the ads into a "design contest". The winner will get
an ipod shuffle ( and if I can actually move to the "one code / two
stylesheets design", i may make this a real ipod).

For details, see http://isc.sans.org/contest.php

There is no deadline. The contest is open until we get a nice design.
There may be a public vote to pick the best among various candidates:

------ IMPORTANT ------
NOTE: The goal is not as much to change the look of the site, but more
to change the way it works and make it more maintainable.

Johannes Ullrich                        jullrich at sans.org
SANS Internet Storm Center                 (617) 639 5000
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