[Dshield] little experiment

Neil Richardson neilr at ieee.org
Wed Mar 2 03:40:23 GMT 2005

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Johannes B. Ullrich wrote:

| Kenneth Coney wrote:
|> There seems to be a bug in the firewall check.  When I enter the
|> validation code (this is why?) I get a message telling me the
|> code was correct, then the screen refreshes and I am again
|> prompted for the code.
| Anybody else find this issue? This part is a bit 'overengineered'.
| But I figured its better to miss a scan then scan one too many
| (e.g. the scan will not be offered if you connect from a .mil or
| .gov system ;-) ).

The only "bug" I remember was that I had first pasted the code, and it
said "keep typing".  I cleared it and tried entering it by hand, but
it still kept saying "keep typing".  I went back to the main page,
generated a new code, entered it by hand, and then it worked.

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