[Dshield] Firewall Tapes off site?

Hunt, Andrew AHunt at STRAUB.NET
Wed Mar 2 19:01:35 GMT 2005

Just take precautions.  Don't tell them what's on the tape.  Use inventory
numbers that are meaningless without your rubric.  Have a firm business
agreement in place so that if it is determined that the sanctity of your
box/vault/storage unit was violated, your firm can sue them for breach of


Drew Hunt
Security Analyst
Hawaii Pacific Health
ahunt at straub.net 

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Slightly off topic, but I was wondering what various people think about
sending firewall backup tapes off site?  Seems like you have to do it for
D.R., but I also don't like the idea of the firewall OS/Application data
being shipped to a third party?

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