[Dshield] amihacked.com now without portscan

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Wed Mar 2 19:16:53 GMT 2005

Per request from the ISP (Valueweb), I had to turn off
the portscan feature. They did receive a complaints from
people. I ran a system like that before, and it turns out
that quite a few people forget that they asked for the
scan :-(. Oh well. I don't have an issue with Valueweb's
decision on this, and actually think they handled it quite
well (better then other ISPs that would just have dumped the
complaints to /dev/null). They gave me a call to notify about the 
complaints, and forwarded an anonymized snippet from a zonealarm log 
someone sent them.

Even without the portscan, I am trying to keep cranking on the
page in a more 'passive' way. Maybe I will add the portscan again later 
if I find an ISP willing to deal with the reports.

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