[Dshield] little experiment

Brance Amussen :)_S brance at jhu.edu
Thu Mar 3 16:29:33 GMT 2005

Right, now I see the line.. Didn't read the entire thing yesterday.. :) 
Still can't see the purpose..  Even if it made any difference for the
"return-path", which I'd say 99.8% of the time it doesn't as the originating
machines are rarely mail drops as well.. 
Oh well.. 

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> I am not using nis, nisplus, or db on this machine.  So if you were 
> counting on this tip to work, it is some sort of anomaly that only 
> works with Windows.  I am trying to think if there is some reason it 
> needs to be there from the transport layer network perspective, and 
> don't have an answer right now.  By that I mean, if you have multiple 
> machines on an internal NAT'd subnet all talking to the same external 
> SMTP server, is it needed to avoid collisions?  I would say no, since 
> each connection IS a dedicated TCP connection.  For some reason there 
> is this nagging thought in the back of my mind that the sending IP is 
> required by some RFC for email.

RFC2821 says
"received from" domain name or IP address (from HELO) followed by "("
tcp-info ")"
tcp-info = IP address of connection and domain name from DNS of IP address
of the connection
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