[Dshield] AntiVirus Pattern Release Stats

Holmes, Alan AHolmes at FSC.Follett.com
Thu Mar 3 16:44:36 GMT 2005

Is anyone aware of a website or other resource that tracks and has reports
on the timeliness with which antivirus companies make virus definitions

The reason I ask is I am very frustrated with our current antivirus vendor
as they are ROUTINELY at the bottom of the list for pattern releases of the
vendors that I check when a new threat is detected.

For example, the other day when the new Bagel/Beagle/ToSoo variant broke, I
saw some vendors had detection available at 10:30PM my time on Sunday while
the vendor we use didn't have detection available until almost 11:00AM the
following day after several of our users had already received it in their
email.  This, of course, created a lot of headaches and extra work.

I'm looking to use this type of data as a justification for ditching our
current vendor.

Thanks for any input anyone can offer.


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