[Dshield] amihacked.com now without portscan

James Riden j.riden at massey.ac.nz
Thu Mar 3 19:24:46 GMT 2005

Henry Hertz Hobbit <hhhobbit at comcast.net> writes:

> You didn't get my internal address, but NOW you have it, now that you
> know where to look.  EVERYBODY CAN KNOW WHAT IT IS!  That means you know
> what my internal subnet is!  For sites that have multiple subnets, we
> still have many more subnets to map out.  But EVERYBODY CAN DO IT!

Having 'hidden' internal IP addresses is security by obscurity. It's
good as an additional layer of protection, but your security model
should still be viable if you assume that your internal networking
model is known.

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