[Dshield] Need some help please

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Thu Mar 3 21:01:23 GMT 2005

The 2 different OS's was referring to workstations. Windows 2000 Pro and XP
Pro. Is there a reason that a new version of QMail would have a low MTU and
would cause this? Nothing on either end has been tweaked at all.


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Aaron Lewis:

> I did look at this. There causes as listed are
> . Incorrect account settings
> . Misconfiguration of personal firewall software
> . Antivirus software
> . A bad modem
> . Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size
> . Outlook Express has been removed from the computer or the installation
> damaged . Your user profile in Outlook is damaged
> . An e-mail item on your POP3 server is damaged
> All of which are ruled out by the fact that I can reproduce the error at
> will on 3 different LAN's 2 different OS's some with and some without
> firewalls. And I can also reproduce the error with no virus software
> installed. I've been testing this crap for 3 days straight.
> Server is QMail.

So what did you lower your Qmail server's MTU (on 2 different OSs) to?


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