[Dshield] amihacked.com now without portscan

Abuse abuse at what4now.com
Fri Mar 4 00:01:04 GMT 2005

** Reply to message from Henry Hertz Hobbit <hhhobbit at comcast.net> on Wed, 02
Mar 2005 18:47:09 -0700

> I sent your test site to my brother who works for Edison Electric that
> provides electric service for Los Angeles.  I hope they were not the
> ones that turned the heat on you.  If that is what caused it, I
> APOLOGIZE!  My statement stands and will always stand - if we don't find
> the holes first, a hacker will find them for us.  The hackers won't be
> nearly as kind!    I am bcc'ing this message to my brother's private
> address (the company is STUPIDLY rejecting a connection).  If they think
> they can protect themselves by turning the heat on, there are other far
> less open people than those in this newsgroup that are not as kind, and
> not as open that will exploit these issues.  Not allowing the white hats
> (I consider Johannes to be one of us but I may be wrong - it would take
> years to learn that and I could still be wrong and you could be wrong
> about me) to find something isn't helping ANYBODY.  Every concept should
> be evaluated on its own merit.  It should not stand based on who the
> person is that is making it (I AM NOBODY).  TEST IT!

Edison executives are not the sharpest blades in the drawer.

A little story.

An Edison VP was turing the computer center and saw a large device and asked
what it was.  He was told it was a UPS for power backup in case the power went
down.  He instructed them to remove it as it was not needed as Edison was THE
power company and they would never be without power.  A year later he was going
through the computer center again and saw that the UPS was still there and
again demanded to have it removed.  So the UPS was removed.  Then the
California power problems came on and the computer center was down for about
two days.  Without the computer center they had a lot of trouble tracking the
work orders so they could restore power to all the areas affected.  Needless to
say they have since reinstalled a new UPS.

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