[Dshield] remote access question

Hamed, Saeed Saeed.Hamed at persequor.com
Mon Mar 7 05:34:44 GMT 2005

Hi Paul,

U have got two solutions, one from Zonelabs, product name is Integrity,
look wise a very nice program but only supports vpn concentrator from
cisco for vpn access, if u r using it then it would suite well.

Otherwise go for Sygate, a very good product, providing the service u r
looking for, for a nice range of vpn solutions.

It might cost u nearly 80$ per node, could be even cheaper if u could
get some big number to safe guard, this solution and of zone labs
integrity does a lot more than what u want.

U can ask for eval for both of these products and use them, they also
support 802.1x extended authentication, u can also look for the remote
access clients to be completely patched using these products.


Saeed Hamed Alhajri,
Brightpoint Middle East.

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I'm looking for an automated solution that will scan my users remote
system checking to make sure their AV is up to date and running along
with scanning for any nasties before they gain VPN access.  I don't even
know if there is such a solution out there but I'm sure the list will
know.  Maybe I could run some sort of script that would redirects them
to something like Trend House Call before?
Thanx, Paul   

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