[Dshield] Possible problem?

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Mon Mar 7 20:18:01 GMT 2005

I did a nmap scan on one of my users home systems.  Its a typical
broadband connection default TCP scan revealed port 21, 25 and 80 open.
In the past I've found that these ports belong to the broadband modem.
I then did a -sU default UDP and found the following:

135/udp  filtered msrpc
136/udp  filtered profile
138/udp  filtered netbios-dgm
1434/udp filtered ms-sql-m

135-138 typical MS stuff no?

1434 I know the user is not running SQL monitor.  Is it likely the
system has SQL slammer/Sapphire running on it?

The system is XP home SP2

Thanx, Paul

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