[Dshield] Possible problem?

Roger A. Grimes roger at banneretcs.com
Wed Mar 9 13:27:04 GMT 2005

They could be running a product that has MSDE embedded.  Something like
200 consumer products have the client-version of SQL installed by
default. Telnet to the port and see what return information you get.

But don't rule out a false-positive. I recently invited an entire mail
list to port scan my network. I had 1000's of different IP addresses
scan me, and over a hundred people send me their results.  Less than a
dozen were accurate.  Most had tons of false-positives. I've yet to find
the port scanning tool that was 100% accurate, especially when scanning
cross-platform (i.e. scanner is running on one platform and target is
running on another).  Also, if the target is running a firewall, they
often setup "fake" ports to capture packets to do "deep packet
inspection"...so that can lead to a pseudo false-positive. 

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I did a nmap scan on one of my users home systems.  Its a typical
broadband connection default TCP scan revealed port 21, 25 and 80 open.
In the past I've found that these ports belong to the broadband modem.
I then did a -sU default UDP and found the following:

135/udp  filtered msrpc
136/udp  filtered profile
138/udp  filtered netbios-dgm
1434/udp filtered ms-sql-m

135-138 typical MS stuff no?

1434 I know the user is not running SQL monitor.  Is it likely the
system has SQL slammer/Sapphire running on it?

The system is XP home SP2

Thanx, Paul

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