[Dshield] us gov: FTC Bars Bogus Anti-Spyware Claims

Brian Witt bwitt at mail.value.net
Fri Mar 11 21:57:31 GMT 2005

(* http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2005/03/maxtheater.htm *)
(* MAXTHEATER vs. US Govt, wrt Spyware Assassin *)

FTC Bars Bogus Anti-Spyware Claims

Free Scans Detected Spyware That Wasn.t There; Software to Remove All
Spyware Didn't 

An operation that offered consumers free spyware detection scans that
.detected. spyware even if there was not any, to market anti-spyware
software that does not work has been barred from making deceptive claims
by a U. S. District court at the request of the FTC. The FTC will seek a
permanent halt to the marketing scam and redress for consumers. 

In papers filed with the court, the FTC alleges that Spyware Assassin and
its affiliates used Web sites, e-mail, banner ads, and pop-ups to drive
consumers to the Spyware Assassin Web site. After exposing consumers to a
litany of the dire consequences of having spyware on their computers, the
Web site warns, .you WILL eventually experience credit card and/identity
theft and your computer will ultimately crash and cease working for good
. . . It's not a matter of if, but truly a matter of when..

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