[Dshield] port 445

Lauro, John jlauro at umflint.edu
Mon Mar 14 13:23:14 GMT 2005

I am seeing a massive amount of traffic to port 445 that started a
little over 3 hours ago.  (about 1300 packets a second to our class
Just wondering if it's a new worm, or more likely I am being DDOS
I get a timeout when I try to pull up the stats for today on dshield
at:  http://isc.sans.org/port_report.php?date=2005-03-14
Plus stats on the ticker seem a little off:

ISC Port Ticker

This ticker reflects trends using the last few submissions received.
Please treat with caution, as this trends may be quite volatile and it
is based on a small number of submissions (usually less than 10000). 

# of Reports:376143 
Last update: 334171902172 minutes ago. 


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