[Dshield] Port scans

Meidinger Chris chris.meidinger at badenit.de
Wed Mar 16 11:19:21 GMT 2005

 Hi Barton,

i see a lot of this on a couple of machines that are hosted in different
places, such as strato's 81.169.* subnet. My theory is that:

1) the MS stuff is broadcast junk from hosted machines that dont have a 32
netmask. (Hosted machines should have 32, assuming you only have one machine
2) worm activity that starts in the local subnet and works its way out. This
is a sensible thing for worm authors to do, becaues the local subnet are
machines that are most likely reachable without firewall/whatever in



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> When I look at my log files I see that I get many more port 
> scans from the same IP range as mine. I am with SBC in LA and 
> my IP is 68.122.xxx.xxx and most of the port scans and MS 
> junk is all from others with this IP range. What am I 
> missing? What is it about the Net topology that makes most of 
> the junk come from the same range? This is a serious 
> question, I really would like to know.
> Thanks
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