[Dshield] Would You Trust "Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging" From a Spam Source?

Esler, Joel CNTR/Sytex joel.esler at rcert-s.army.mil
Wed Mar 16 17:39:37 GMT 2005

So by that analogy, (and I like this idea) we should start sending spam
advertising Microsoft Products.  Then everyone would stop buying their
stuff?  *oh wait..  theres already that spam..*

On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 22:15 -0800, Abuse wrote:

> ** Reply to message from "Jon R. Kibler" <Jon.Kibler at aset.com> on Tue, 15 Mar
> 2005 16:30:27 -0500
> > Would you trust a "Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging" product that advertises
> > via spam? We just received the following email advertising "safe" IM software.
> > It was sent to a spambait email address that was clearly harvested from a
> > newsgroup or other Internet posting.
> No way.
> > >    From: "Omnipod" <reply-1472 at elabs3.com>
> > > Subject: Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging
> > >      To: (spambait email address deleted)
> Need the full headers to see where this came from.
> <SNIP>
> > Anyone ever heard of this outfit? Is this a legitimate product, or is it some
> > kind of Trojan? The company that owns the domain elabs3.com (uptilt.com) claims
> > to be a CRM organization, yet they advertise an email marketing capability.
> I will NEVER buy anything advertised by spam, legitimate or not.  The only way
> to stop spam is for everyone to stop buying their junk, if no one bought they
> would stop sending spam.
> > Anyone know anything about this organization? If this is a legit product, you
> > REALLY have to wonder why in the world they would advertise via SPAM!
> To start with spam is sent by stealing other people's bandwidth so we have a
> thief doing the advertising.  Do you want to do business with a thief?  All of
> the people I know would never think of buying something being sold by a
> stranger on a street corner so why would you think it any different when you
> get an email from someone you don't know and most likely can not get any
> information about?  I have a bridge for sale, you want to buy it?
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Esler, Joel CNTR/Sytex <joel.esler at rcert-s.army.mil>

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