[Dshield] Symantec: spam, phishing grow, botnets shrink in '04

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Tue Mar 22 19:07:47 GMT 2005


As always, I enjoy these news note links you post to this list.

In this case, though, I am curious as to if you and others see the apparent 
paradox that I see with a rise in spam and information theft schemes vs a 
decline in bot/zombie numbers.

As I understood things, the bot/zombie nets offer convenient platforms for 
spammers to send their noisome messages and for the virus/worm writers to 
gain distribution platforms for their nefarious efforts.  If my 
understanding is correct, then it would seem in the best interests of the 
bad guys to want to develop as many of these bot/zombie nets as they 
can.  If not, then what is their vehicle of choice these days for distribution?

To me these rising and declining data points occurring together seem 
somewhat counterintuitive.  I am on page with Symantec as regards an 
increase in spam and information theft schemes, but the other seems off to 
me.  What do you make of it?


Alan Maitland
WebMaster at Commerco.Net
The Commerce Company - Making Commerce Simple(sm)

At 10:05 AM 3/21/2005, you wrote:

>IDG News Service:
>"A new report released by security company Symantec
>found that incidents of online identity theft scams,
>also known as 'phishing attacks,' skyrocketed in the
>second half of 2004, as did spam and new software
>vulnerabilities. But other Internet blights, such as
>zombie networks of compromised computers, or 'bots,'
>actually declined."
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