[Dshield] DShield problems?

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Wed Mar 23 15:17:37 GMT 2005


We have had to tweak our MTAs' whitelists several different times recently because at least 2 (and maybe 4) of DShield/SAN's MTAs either do not have a hostname or do not have a valid hostname. 

However, it appears that we are still not getting all the email that we would expect. In particular, I have not received any reply to several different emails sent to info at dshield.org (about problems on web site and issues raised in this posting) and I have not received any of the usual feedback from comments posted to incidents.org's contact page. 

We suspect that the problem is on our end and is caused by our rejecting sending MTAs w/o a valid hostname. Is anyone else having similar problems? Johannes, et.al.: If it is not possible to fix your MTA hostname problem, can you please publish a list of IP addresses that we should whitelist?

Also, we have noticed that the daily reports we have been receiving (and there were a few days where we received none) seem to be incomplete. For example, yesterday's report contained only about 1/3rd of the packet count of our own internal reports, and the day before contained only about 1/20th. In fact, the submission acknowledgments do not even add up to the packet counts returned by the daily reports. Johannes, et.al.: Any idea what is going on here?

Finally, Johannes... saw your picture in this month's Info Security Mag... you sure look A LOT younger than I would have guessed your age to be!

Jon Kibler
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