[Dshield] Forensic Analysis Practical

Matt.Carpenter@alticor.com Matt.Carpenter at alticor.com
Wed Mar 23 14:55:16 GMT 2005

> ----- Message from Joel Esler <esler at knology.net> on Tue, 22 Mar 
> I think a "with-practical" and "without-practical" certification should 
> be offered.   (and it should be listed as such on the website and on 
> the certificate.)  For those that would like to attempt to reach the 
> prestige of being certified w/ practical, they may do so.
> Joel Esler
> http://esler.is-a-geek.net
> On Mar 22, 2005, at 10:19 AM, Matt.Carpenter at alticor.com wrote:

You and I think alike, Joel.  If we *want* the more prestigious cert (and 
more challenging practice), perhaps we should be able to go for it.  They 
propably don't want to stratify us too much though, and end up supporting 
multiple directions.
>From what I'm hearing, they are working to change the education process a 
bit to add value beyond the "certification race".  (read 
"bachelor's/master's college credit").
If that is the course, your education takes on a more tangible value than 
a slip of paper saying you're certifiable.

I will miss having my work published having been validated by the 
industry.  I will miss the chore that forces me to apply the entire 
process and gain experience not able to be taught in the classroom.  I 
will miss Reading Room, where solutions can often be found having been 
proven and vetted by other IT professionals (often with much better 
instructions than vendor docs).

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