[Dshield] Internap

Bob Poortinga bobp+dshield at webster.tsc.com
Wed Mar 23 19:39:13 GMT 2005

"Paul Marsh" <pmarsh at nmefdn.org> reports:
> 	I've been noticing the following IP's scanning me with the
> following source ports.
> 33435 udp
> 33436 udp
> 33437 udp
> 33438 udp
> 33440 udp
> 	The question is, what are these scans?

Probably one of these (or similar) products:

There are a number of products like these that use traceroutes for geolocation
or path optimization.

USA Today uses (or used at one time) one of these products or something similar.
Try browsing <www.usatoday.com> and watch the traceroutes come flying in.

Bob Poortinga  K9SQL
Bloomington, Indiana  US

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