[Dshield] DShield problems?

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Fri Mar 25 10:55:48 GMT 2005

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005, Jon R. Kibler wrote:

-> We have had to tweak our MTAs' whitelists several different times 
recently because at least 2 (and maybe 4) of DShield/SAN's MTAs either do 
not have a hostname or do not have a valid hostname. -> -> However, it 
appears that we are still not getting all the email that we would expect. 
In particular, I have not received any reply to several different emails 
sent to info at dshield.org (about problems on web site and issues raised in 
this posting) and I have not received any of the usual feedback from 
comments posted to incidents.org's contact page. -> -> We suspect that the 
problem is on our end and is caused by our rejecting sending MTAs w/o a 
valid hostname. Is anyone else having similar problems?

Whenever the list arrives here, it lists it as (possibly forged). I don't 
whitelist and filter very little, so it goes thru. It's Dshield, but this 
is the only valid mail I get that has the "possibly forged" tag, which 
usually means something's up with the hostname, as is commonly seen with 
spammers. I'm not sure why it does this.

checking for broken Samba configure files ...
head: `-1' option is obsolete; use `-n 1'
Try `head --help' for more information.
result: ... Yes

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