[Dshield] What passes for a server admin

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Sun Mar 27 17:54:21 GMT 2005

I ran into this article while I was looking for something else. It 
describes an admin talking to a forum of other server admins about getting 
hacked. The guy has absolutely no clue what he's doing; he's confirmed 
rooted, and scanning other servers, yet never does it occure to him to 
pull the plug on the thing. All he says to the other admins is 'sorry if 
my box is attacking yours'. Check out this article to see why there are so 
many hacked servers on the 'Net today:


checking for broken Samba configure files ...
head: `-1' option is obsolete; use `-n 1'
Try `head --help' for more information.
result: ... Yes

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