[Dshield] What is the fun of this? Daily 70 packets to 1026 and 1027

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue Mar 29 21:00:26 GMT 2005

Freek de Kruijf:

>>> I wonder why anybody keeps "pounding" my IP-address so consistently
>>> and what the fun is of this type of "attack".
>> This is popup spam, directed at the Windows Messaging Service (not to
>> be confused with 'Microsoft Instant Messenger'). If you don't have a
>> firewall, you would see a popup that looks very much like a windows
>> system message. The Windows Messaging Service is usually used to notify
>> users about print jobs that have completed, or if a remote administrator
>> is about to shut down the system. So its a valid service, but there is
>> no need to expose it to the Internet.
> Dear Johannes,
> I know all that. However why is this during a month and a half
> continuing everyday and still continuing. I can't imagen why that
> system/spammer is not using other IP-addresses or is he simply stupid? --

Using a machine (most probably Windows?) that has gone into neutral?
Nothing on it works as it should any longer without switching the key to

Firewall it and you won't see it any more.

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