[Dshield] Virus alias list

Axel Pettinger api at worldonline.de
Tue May 3 16:12:23 GMT 2005

Hi Bob,

You probably mean VGrep, originally created by Ian Whalley, a database
currently maintained by Dmitry Gryaznov, Senior Manager, Advanced
Security Research, McAfee Security.

>From "Virus Bulletin"'s site:

"What does it do?

VGrep is a system produced in an attempt to clear up some of the
confusion surrounding the naming of viruses. It works by running
scanners across a large collection of virus-infected files, and parsing
their output into a simple text database."



Axel Pettinger

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Subject: [Dshield] Virus alias list
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 11:55:37 -0500
From: "Bob Savage" <bsavage at rnr-inc.com>
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Sometime back I stumbled on a web site that virus chart showing all the
names given by all the better known anti-virus vendors.  I'm sure it
wasn't comprehensive but it was interesting, and I thought it might be
helpful someday.  I thought I'd bookmarked it, but apparently I wasn't
that well organized.  Either that or I dreamed it.  Has anybody else
seen this site?


Bob Savage

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