[Dshield] Whats up with DShield

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu May 5 20:17:41 GMT 2005

Aaron Lewis wrote:
> SO there are no reports, confirmations, no web Reports Overview. Whats going
> on. And whats with all the viruses flying around?

The Internet is breaking down!

regarding all the viruses: Its just a more efficient mailer. Overall, 
its still the same 500-600k idiots that click on everything that moves.

Confirmation *should* work. But one of our mail servers (inbound only) 
was recently added to an 'open relay' list (no, its not... ). This 
should not affect any outbound mail.

Daily reports: One went out today, and you may even get a second one as 
I keep testing/tuning. There will be an upper limit: If you submit more 
then 100,000 reports per day (exact number is not set yet), you will not 
get a daily report.

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