[Dshield] unmoderating the list

Matthias Jaenichen mj2 at percomp.de
Fri May 6 15:56:01 GMT 2005

At 11:23 06.05.2005 -0400, Esler, Joel - Contractor wrote:
>Thomas brings up a good point.  I wish we had a way to notify a dumba**
>of sending stuff that's on the other lists already.  The thing that sets
>this list apart is it's starkingly clean and professional userbase..
>But I still think we can handle it.

Seems, most encourage you to unmoderate.
But I just browsed through the posts of the last year. There are only very 
few (50 or so) senders. It would be sufficent to just unmoderate them 
during regular moderation.

But this is what you should do if you still want to reduce the work:

1.) Do not set the list unmoderated, but set moderation off for all 
existing members.
That is similar but if SO offends you can still turn moderation on for that 
(sure this is no guarantee because I still could fake a different sender's ID).

2.) confirm and approve for new subscribers
That will avoid that SO registers, spams and quits the list in one batch.

3.) moderation for new members
Just to monitor the first posts of that new member. If still ok, then 
unmoderate him.

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