[Dshield] Replies to "unmoderating the list" thread and other list changes/suggestions

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Fri May 6 17:54:45 GMT 2005

I am answering multiple post with this one message:

-> I think it is a good idea to put new members on 'probation'. Once 
they posted a couple times, they will be set to unmoderated (Haven't 
tried it yet, but our mailing list software should be able to do this).

-> I can filter based on 'subject'. This should help with vacation 
messages. However, understand that you will still get the occasional 
vacation message as you post to the list. Some 'vacations systems' will 
reply to the poster, not to the list. But well, this is what email 
filters are for.

-> Of course, in the past I usually had to moderate regular subscribers 
;-)... I will turn moderation back on if it is a problem (or at least 
put these users back into the newbie bin)

-> Ever since I restricted posting to subscribers, I didn't see spam or 
viruses hit the box. One reason I automatically reject posts from 
non-members is that we got much more spam/viruses then posts. There is 
maybe one vacation message a day that I have to reject.

Other changes:

-> I think I will discontinue the 'current' list. It is not getting any 

-> IRC: if someone sets up a channel and advertises it here, its fine 
with me. But I will not 'endorse' it as I don't have the time to monitor 
it. Past experience shows little interest in online chat.

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