[Dshield] Replies to "unmoderating the list" thread and other list changes/suggestions

Joel Esler esler at knology.net
Fri May 6 20:54:56 GMT 2005

Plus, those of us in the DOD system can't IRC.  Even for an operational 



On May 6, 2005, at 1:54 PM, Johannes B. Ullrich wrote:

> I am answering multiple post with this one message:
> -> I think it is a good idea to put new members on 'probation'. Once 
> they posted a couple times, they will be set to unmoderated (Haven't 
> tried it yet, but our mailing list software should be able to do 
> this).
> -> I can filter based on 'subject'. This should help with vacation 
> messages. However, understand that you will still get the occasional 
> vacation message as you post to the list. Some 'vacations systems' 
> will reply to the poster, not to the list. But well, this is what 
> email filters are for.
> -> Of course, in the past I usually had to moderate regular 
> subscribers ;-)... I will turn moderation back on if it is a problem 
> (or at least put these users back into the newbie bin)
> -> Ever since I restricted posting to subscribers, I didn't see spam 
> or viruses hit the box. One reason I automatically reject posts from 
> non-members is that we got much more spam/viruses then posts. There is 
> maybe one vacation message a day that I have to reject.
> Other changes:
> -> I think I will discontinue the 'current' list. It is not getting 
> any traffic.
> -> IRC: if someone sets up a channel and advertises it here, its fine 
> with me. But I will not 'endorse' it as I don't have the time to 
> monitor it. Past experience shows little interest in online chat.
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