[Dshield] RIPE Network Coordination Centre

Fergie (Paul Ferguson) fergdawg at netzero.net
Tue May 10 18:19:34 GMT 2005

A good alternative to all that searching is to just use
an intelligent recusrsive lookup tool, like:




- ferg

-- "Ejay Hire" <ejay.hire at isdn.net> wrote:

Hi Chuck.

Ripe is an internet registry, like arin.  They hand out ip addresses for not-america/not-africa/not-asia.  If you use the whois on ripe.org, you can drill down to the country, and then the actual holder of those ip's.

Does complaining to ripe work, no.  Does complaining to CompanyX in CountryY work, possibly.

Good luck,

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> Hi folks,
> I got some pretty intense hack attempts against our email 
> server over the weekend.  All unsuccessful ☺ But a number of 
> them came from IP addresses what a whois traces back to RIPE 
> Network Coordination Centre. And if you go there, they tell 
> you to use whois at there domain to find them. They seem to 
> be the source of a BUCNCH of attacks over the last months. 
> Does reporting it to them do any good ? Anyone have any 
> experience with them ?
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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