[Dshield] Apache Question

Axel Pettinger api at worldonline.de
Wed May 11 21:55:30 GMT 2005


Did you try to telnet to address and port? The computer replies with the following and then disconnects:


Whatever that may mean ...

The IP belongs to a German IT company:
"Probe Networks - security solutions for your e-business"

"keywords" content="Server, Hosting, Linux, Security, IT, Business, Dienstleistung, Service, Beratung, Consulting"

Abuse address: abuse at probe-networks.de


Axel Pettinger

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Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 17:20:30 -0400
From: Joel Esler <esler at knology.net>
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Like to get everyone's input on this one:

 From an apache log.. - - [10/May/2005:22:52:59 -0400] "POST HTTP/1.0" 200 55296 "-" "-" - - [10/May/2005:22:52:59 -0400] "CONNECT 
HTTP/1.0" 405 329 "-" "-"

What do we make of this?


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