[Dshield] Ports & Protocols Wiki reminder

Ted Cooper sansX0405 at elcsplace.com
Mon May 16 15:25:30 GMT 2005

David Cannings wrote:
> Pete Cap wrote:
>>I recall a few months ago a disagreement on the very basic behavior
>>of HTTP.  This highlights that the community NEEDS an authoritative
>>source for this information
> Why aren't the RFCs sufficient?  One would assume that these are the
> standard "authoritative" source of information on protocols such as HTTP.

HTTP isn't the greatest example for why you'd need a resource like this, nor
is any of the other protocols that have RFCs. Where do you go for details on
those that don't?
There just arn't RFCs for BitTorrent, PCAnywhere, or RDP. It's nice to have a
single place that lists each of the ports and their associated protocols and
I often want to know why someone is trying to probe port X on these servers
and what they could be looking for. This usually means going off to Google to
try find which programs sit on the port or if there's some new bug out today.
If there's some quick layout of the protocol to look at, perhaps I can knock
up a small program to run on that port and find out a little more information.
A huge list of ports can only take you so far, but, if you have a huge list
that has links to relevant pages (let's face it - context in search engines is
non-existant) that people in the know have put together, you are in much
better shape.


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