[Dshield] apache log analyzer

David Vincent support at sleepdeprived.ca
Wed May 18 14:38:45 GMT 2005

Suscripcions tsolucio wrote:

>I want to make statistics about the attacks that our apache server
>suffers every day, and of course know the attack and the source.
>There is a program that analyze the logs and make a report based only in
>the attacks? I don't mind about the visits,etc...

microsoft recently released this which might help:


tinyurl:   http://tinyurl.com/4sl23

"Log Parser 2.0 is a powerful, versatile tool that makes it possible to 
run SQL-like queries against log files of almost any format and produce 
the desired information either on the screen, in a file of any desired 
format or into a SQL database."


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