[Dshield] Online Vigilantes Fight Back Against Phishing Fraudsters

Commerco WebMaster Webmaster at Commerco.Net
Thu May 19 17:17:55 GMT 2005


If you were aware of some of the backers and owners of fake bank sights, 
you might wish to reconsider your position on being too public about trying 
to attack their sites.

Still, if you are interested in such things, you might also wish to visit 
http://www.419legal.org/ (especially law enforcement members and IT 
professional members of this list) and http://www.aa419.org/ (designed to 
identify fake bank sites and vacuum down images from the fake banks, thus 
costing their owners bandwidth - an activity fun for everyone wishing to 
fight such scams) and http://www.419eater.com/ (for those who wish to keep 
the budding criminal lads involved in 419 scams otherwise engaged).



At 10:03 AM 5/19/2005, you wrote:
>On Thu, 2005-05-19 at 14:35 +0000, Fergie (Paul Ferguson) wrote:
> > Semi- off-topic, but you gotta see these screen captures. :-)
>Hell. If I knew how to do that it wouldn't be anonymous. I'd sign my
>work in 48 point type.
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