[Dshield] BASE Updates and the way forward

Joel Esler eslerj at gmail.com
Thu May 26 05:00:58 GMT 2005

Hey Everyone!!!

We,  here at the "BASE Development Center" have taken a vacation for 
about a month, and are now ready to move forward, onward, and upward.

1st  ->  I would like to personally thank everyone for being part of 
this project, from developers to end-users.  We've been mentioned in 
several books and magazines, many interviews, even more articles, and a 
countless number of websites.  (Just Google "BASE" or it's full name, 
you'll see)  With over 16 THOUSAND downloads (and that's not counting 
people that have downloaded it from third party websites), we must be 
doing something right!!  We have an official debian port, and an 
official BSD port now as well!!

Even Marty Roesch has told everyone using ACID should switch to BASE!!  
Thanks Marty!

2nd -> We are going to release 1.1.3 soon.   Would like to get this 
release out the door by June 15th, this release is mainly going to be 
bug fixes, no really big new functionality, we're saving that...  See 

I think we should also extend special thanks to Alejandro for getting 
PEAR Graphing up and doing away with "jpgraph".  Thanks Alejandro!

3rd -> We are going to keep that optempo (Operational Tempo) going with 
1.2.  We want to finalize the role-basing system, to be able to assign 
groups, users, and sensors to certain people and vice-versa.  Securing 
the interface basically.  That's going to take a good two months to get 
done and finalized.

4th -> Kevin and I would like to call a meeting.  Of all members of the 
developers team as well as all members of these mailing lists.  I would 
like to schedule it for ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, JUNE 1st 2005.  The 
meeting will take place on IRC, freenode.net in the #secureideas room 
at approximately 1900 EST (7 PM).  Please be there, we'd like to iron 
out what our goals are for the project and see if we can't get some 
more people interested in working on development.

Also like to have a big fat brain storm with all the experts of the 
community.  I'd love to have people like Marty and Matt Wachinski 
there, if we could coax them out of their traveling schedules!!

If you don't know how to sign onto IRC, which, some people don't, it's 
okay..  take a look into XChat (many platforms, including mac os x... 
this is what I use) or for you Windows people, mIRC.  I don't care if 
you write your own IRC client, please be there.

5th ->  If you haven't gleaned from the above, #secureideas on 
irc.freenode.net is the official BASE channel.  We're using it mainly 
for discussion of development right now, but please feel free to sit 
and idle.  :)  We're going to be doing alot of public things in the 

6th ->  If anyone is on this list, and is interested in becoming a 
member of the development team for BASE, please contact us @ 
base at secureideas.net , we'd like to get a few more developers in on 
this project to make sure we can be as productive as can be.

7th -> We ask that if you are going to have BASE in a book, or article, 
or what-have-you.  Please let us know, again at base at secureideas.net, 
we'd love to read the articles and books.

Thank you all for your support, if you have any questions, please email 
us at base at secureideas.net , I will be away from email until next week. 
  (traveling.. vacation)

Joel Esler + Kevin Johnson
    BASE Project Leads

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