[Dshield] Firewall spam reduction link?

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Fri May 27 16:32:02 GMT 2005

Sorry, Kenton, my original followup had the wrong subject line in the 
reply and it was missed.  I did try to avoid naming the companies, but 
emails indicate it is needed to avoid confusion. 

This is an XP SP2 machine on a dynamic connection.  The original 
firewall software was Norton Internet Security (NIS) with bundled 
firewall and anti virus.  The new replacement firewall software is the 
new AVG Beta firewall.  I had 40 spam emails this morning (5/27) versus 
200 plus last week using NIS.  (Yes, now that I am writing on this open 
forum some clod will add me to their newer spam list, sell the list and 
I will soon get more.)

I write my own Spam filters and I log and review what is deleted or 
blocked.  This is how I know there has been a change.  There are no 
pop-up issues. 

".., when I log on instead of seeing the usual 200+ spam emails in my trash box, I am seeing about 40. Instead of having a 120 or so pop up during the day, I get maybe 10" did NOT relate to pop-ups.  Perhaps the sentence should have said ".., 120 or so arrive during the day,..."  My apolgies for any confusion in terminology.

My ISP does not block any of my incoming email.  That was worked out and 
agreed to long ago.

As I indicated in earlier posts to me there is more importance when 
blocking or filtering spam in screening originating IPs than there is in 
screening subject lines (although HGH, Rolex and similar are indeed 
included in the filters I wrote).  You should already know what IPs you 
normally receive or want email from.  At least 60% of what Spam I see 
originated outside the US or from certain rogue IP ranges I long ago 
blacklisted.  I ran AVG AV and NIS side by side in this machine for 
years.  No conflicts have ever been observed.  Sometimes one would catch 
something the other wouldn't.  It varied as to which one.  Yes Adaware 
SE plusand Adwatch lurk here also, TDS too. 

No trace of spyware has been found in this machine in several years.  I 
don't know what Aaron's negative experience with free AVG was, and a lot 
could have to do with how he acquired it and from where.  I can say I 
have not found any signs of spyware calling home in free AVG.  I log 
everything and would have noticed such.

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