[Dshield] Re: BASE Updates and the way forward

Joel Esler eslerj at gmail.com
Fri May 27 16:34:05 GMT 2005

I actually forgot to tell everyone a couple things.

BASE = Basic Analysis and Security Engine.  It's a webpage front-end
for the analysis of the Snort alert Database.

Our website is at http://secureideas.sourceforge.net

Please visit.


On 5/26/05, Joel Esler <eslerj at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Everyone!!!
> We,  here at the "BASE Development Center" have taken a vacation for
> about a month, and are now ready to move forward, onward, and upward.
> 1st  ->  I would like to personally thank everyone for being part of
> this project, from developers to end-users.  We've been mentioned in
> several books and magazines, many interviews, even more articles, and a
> countless number of websites.  (Just Google "BASE" or it's full name,
> you'll see)  With over 16 THOUSAND downloads (and that's not counting
> people that have downloaded it from third party websites), we must be
> doing something right!!  We have an official debian port, and an
> official BSD port now as well!!
> Even Marty Roesch has told everyone using ACID should switch to BASE!!
> Thanks Marty!
> 2nd -> We are going to release 1.1.3 soon.   Would like to get this
> release out the door by June 15th, this release is mainly going to be
> bug fixes, no really big new functionality, we're saving that...  See
> #4
> I think we should also extend special thanks to Alejandro for getting
> PEAR Graphing up and doing away with "jpgraph".  Thanks Alejandro!
> 3rd -> We are going to keep that optempo (Operational Tempo) going with
> 1.2.  We want to finalize the role-basing system, to be able to assign
> groups, users, and sensors to certain people and vice-versa.  Securing
> the interface basically.  That's going to take a good two months to get
> done and finalized.
> 4th -> Kevin and I would like to call a meeting.  Of all members of the
> developers team as well as all members of these mailing lists.  I would
> like to schedule it for ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, JUNE 1st 2005.  The
> meeting will take place on IRC, freenode.net in the #secureideas room
> at approximately 1900 EST (7 PM).  Please be there, we'd like to iron
> out what our goals are for the project and see if we can't get some
> more people interested in working on development.
> Also like to have a big fat brain storm with all the experts of the
> community.  I'd love to have people like Marty and Matt Wachinski
> there, if we could coax them out of their traveling schedules!!
> If you don't know how to sign onto IRC, which, some people don't, it's
> okay..  take a look into XChat (many platforms, including mac os x...
> this is what I use) or for you Windows people, mIRC.  I don't care if
> you write your own IRC client, please be there.
> 5th ->  If you haven't gleaned from the above, #secureideas on
> irc.freenode.net is the official BASE channel.  We're using it mainly
> for discussion of development right now, but please feel free to sit
> and idle.  :)  We're going to be doing alot of public things in the
> channel.
> 6th ->  If anyone is on this list, and is interested in becoming a
> member of the development team for BASE, please contact us @
> base at secureideas.net , we'd like to get a few more developers in on
> this project to make sure we can be as productive as can be.
> 7th -> We ask that if you are going to have BASE in a book, or article,
> or what-have-you.  Please let us know, again at base at secureideas.net,
> we'd love to read the articles and books.
> Thank you all for your support, if you have any questions, please email
> us at base at secureideas.net , I will be away from email until next week.
>   (traveling.. vacation)
> Joel Esler + Kevin Johnson
>     BASE Project Leads

Joel Esler
BASE Project Lead

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