[Dshield] Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far

Brenden Walker BKWalker at drbsystems.com
Wed Nov 2 13:36:13 GMT 2005

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> Management Gone Too Far
> No, I would guess that the CD's in question are the one's 
> that won't play on "any" computer. They have a player builtin 
> that installs on your machine so you can listen to the CD 
> using that player only. This is the typical form of "copy 
> protection" that the labels are using.
> Windows only.

I took a look at the listing on Amazon for the album in question, didn't
notice anything about requiring windows...  Hopefully a bunch of people
will start returning these disks as defective and perhaps the market
will handle the problems as it did with the old divx DVD copy protection

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