[Dshield] New Version of I-Worm Bagle.HX & HY

Ms. Judith Taylor jtaylor at acvna.org
Wed Nov 2 15:46:21 GMT 2005


One of my users managed to get two new variants of Bagel HX & HY. I have 
a copy of the zip files if someone would like to have them. I don't know 
enough to look "under the covers" so to speak, since I'm a neophyte to 

After first repairing AVG 7.1 and then performing a manual update, then 
running the scan is when the worms were caught.

It looks like bagel.hx creates a file in the users local\settings\temp 
directory. Both variants (hx & hy) seem to also seed themselves in 
System Restore - C:\System Volume Information\_restore{registry key} 
randomly generated filename starting with A000xxxx.exe and A000xxxx.exe

That's all I know from running the AVG scans.

Any further information on the best means of getting rid of this thing 
permanently would be welcomed.

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