[Dshield] SPF

Jean-Pierre Schwickerath dshield at hilotec.net
Thu Nov 3 10:01:47 GMT 2005

> It appears that it does not have an effect on spam (other than that
> spammers were adopting and confirming to SPF faster than anyone else),
> and early adopters are actually starting to remove SPF again as its
> yield-to-pain ratio is dipping more into the pain part.
> I suggest you browse archives of mail lists like NANOG for some
> interesting perspectives on the whole SPF and SenderID thing. I for
> one am glad I didn't spend time on implementing it and having to deal
> with its headaches. And I doubt I ever will.

We made good experience with SPF although most part of our spam is
stopped by greylisting. 

SPF helped a lot against worms that forged the sender address by using
contacts of the address book of an infected machine. This was
particularly annoying as the mail seemed to come from another person
than the one the infected machine was belonging to.



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