[Dshield] SPF

Roger A. Grimes roger at banneretcs.com
Thu Nov 3 15:58:46 GMT 2005

I spoke with Mark Minasi last night (we're both in San Diego teaching at
the Windows Connection conference), and he said something I thought was
right on target, "SPF fights phishing, not spam." I can't argue with

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On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 17:14 -0500, Paul Marsh wrote:
> I was reading Mark Minasi's monthly newsletter 
> http://www.minasi.com/thismonth.htm, always a good read.  This month 
> he covers the topic of SPF Sender Protection Framework as it relates 
> to reducing spam.  To be honest I've never heard of it but it looks 
> like it could help reduce spam for the time being?  I also noticed 
> some key domains are already using SPF.  What's the general consensus 
> regarding SPF?

It appears that it does not have an effect on spam (other than that
spammers were adopting and confirming to SPF faster than anyone else),
and early adopters are actually starting to remove SPF again as its
yield-to-pain ratio is dipping more into the pain part.

I suggest you browse archives of mail lists like NANOG for some
interesting perspectives on the whole SPF and SenderID thing. I for one
am glad I didn't spend time on implementing it and having to deal with
its headaches. And I doubt I ever will.


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