[Dshield] Interesting Zombie Data Graphs

Tim Hollebeek tholleb at teknowledge.com
Mon Nov 7 17:53:37 GMT 2005

> service. This way they can force the customer to take action 
> and call the helpdesk, they can then pass the customer on to 
> a service that specializes in these things.
> Yes there would be a fee but users must take some 
> responsibility in keeping their systems clean and up to date.

What stops them from just signing up with a different ISP that
is less strict (i.e. less responsible) ?

Any approach that causes more responsible ISPs to lose customers
to less responsible ones is a non-starter.  This issue (hassles
caused by security measures causing customers to move to the least 
"secure" company possible) is the reason for the almost non-existent
security of online banks.

I'd call for educating users to recognize good security and demand
it, but experience has shown that educating users is a highly
impractical approach to ANY problem :-)

-Tim Hollebeek

Off topic: it should be noted, though, that in the case of banks,
they are philosophically inclined to detect and manage fraud and 
then prosecute instead of instituting overly complex protection 

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