[Dshield] Interesting Zombie Data Graphs

MaXX bs139412 at skynet.be
Tue Nov 8 21:11:55 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 17:25, Fergie wrote:
> Here's a better idea (and one which a lot of the larger ISP's
> are already employing):
> Offer free AntiVirus, Spyware, etc. software bundle to customers.
> Several larger consumer ISP's (Earthelink, AOL/Time Warner/Roadrunner,
> SBC, et. al.) are already doing this.
My ISP offers a full version of a well known 'Internet Security' package with 
their bigger residential contract (AV, Personnal FW, Spam Filter, Parental 
Control). Other have to pay EUR 5/month (approx $6) for it.

My biggest regret is that they no longer offer the first 6month/year for free 
as that was the case when they released the service. 
The software begin to remind you to rewew your licence once expired. and most 
people will take action to make it s**** up: 
A) renewing the licence
B) changing for a free solution. 
C) do nothing/deinstall, for sure, it won't take a long time before the 
machine gets infected again and again.

Offering the package for free will be the best. 
To limit the background noise, and some risks, closing ports by default can be 
an option (eg: incoming 25,135-9,445,1025-30)*, with the ability for the 
customer to sign an agreement to unlock all/some ports. 

Just some toughs,

* approx 75% of the denied packets on my FW, P2P excluded.

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