[Dshield] Sony: You dont reeeeaaaally want to uninstall, do you?

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Fri Nov 11 13:18:02 GMT 2005

Symantec has also announced a removal tool for 'SecurityRisk.First4DRM' - want to start a pool on when First4Internet will sue Symantec for 'interference with a contract' or some such nonsense?


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According to the little I've seen, yes it is.

Symantec has it listed as Backdoor.Ryknos, aka BKDR_BREPLIOBOT.C [Trend
Micro], Ryknos.A [Panda Software], W32/Ryknos.A [Norman], Troj/Stinx-E

There is a variant also noted, Backdoor.Ryknos.B aka Troj/Stinx-F [Sophos],
BKDR_BREPLIBOT.D [Trend Micro], Breplibot.C [F-Secure].

Didn't take them long, now did it?


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Seeing a few reports of a trojan using DRM.  Legitimate?


Using .Net? Need to know more about .Net Security?

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