[Dshield] Interesting Zombie Data Graphs

Mark markt442 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 13:35:41 GMT 2005

From:	"Chris Wright" <dshield at yaps4u.net>
Date:	Wed, 9 Nov 2005 18:51:16 -0000

Chris wrote:
If I were to host 'kiddie porn' on my 'comcast' IP
space, they would come down on my like a ton of
...end snip... 

Correction: the US Secret Service would come down on
you like a ton of bricks, not Comcast. 

I was at CyberCrimes 2002. The presentation by the US
Secret Service agent identified child pornography as
their "zero tolerance" crime. You can buy illegal
drugs online and they'll stop in for a coffee and chat
about it. You cooperate and you're likely not to be
charged. Kiddie stuff will result in broken down doors
and rapid seizure of all computing assets and time in

Not implying you would, but wanted to correct the
statement with regards to "who" would be performing
said action.

Also, Comcast cannot view your "data" (the JPEG in
this instance) in transit. To do so is a violation of
Federal Wire Tapping statutes (unless they've been
served with a court ordered TAP). Comcast can identify
traffic patterns as it pertains to delivery of
services, that is all they can do.



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