[Dshield] FYI - OS/2 Wrap....

Abuse abuse at what4now.com
Mon Nov 14 23:19:17 GMT 2005

** Reply to message from Thomas.Deimel at gastechnology.org on Mon, 14 Nov 2005
13:36:40 -0600

> >From the IBM website
> http://www-306.ibm.com/software/os/warp/
> On December 23, 2005, the product is no longer being shipped and end of
> standard support will cease in December 2006 but you can support from IBM
> beyond that for a price.

Just because you can not buy it directly from IBM does not mean you can not get
it from someone else.  While IBM not longer directly supports end users I get
support from Serenity Systems which does have a contract with IBM.  They are
adding improvements and device drivers for new hardware.  So as long as there
is support for the hardware I have I will continue to use it, when support
finally does end I will have to go looking for something else.

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