[Dshield] Zombie Prevention : May I Sample Some Opinion?

David Cary Hart DShield at TQMcube.com
Tue Nov 15 16:22:45 GMT 2005

Over the past week or so, I have received an increasing number of
contacts from "average" users regarding zombie prevention. Time for some
content on our site.

Some things like up-to-date patching, firewall and a virus scanner with
CURRENT definitions seem obvious. I'd like to sample some opinion on the
following and solicit any other ideas that you may have:

        Even a single home computer might benefit from a reasonably
        priced home router which enables you to create a simple hardware
        Get rid of Internet Explorer. Alternatives such as Firefox or
        Mozilla are safer.
        Use strong passwords; at least eight characters including a
        combination of letters and numbers.
        Do NOT experiment with running servers of any kind on Windows

What's the thinking du jour on p2p, IM, IRC and BitTorrent? Help me out
here, folks, without creating a thesis, what are some of the basics that
I am overlooking?

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