[Dshield] Anyone care to patent or copyright a couple of ideas before Sony does?

JW Clements jwclements at execulink.com
Wed Nov 16 00:17:58 GMT 2005

After all that's been revealed, I won't purchase anything associated with
Sony, that would cover CDs, DVDs, TVs, PCs, MP3 players..... anything that
uses electricity. If they sell paperback novels, I might, but only keep then
after drowning them over night and then baking for 2 hours in a 'slow'
oven', 'just in case'. 

How would I know whether a (Sony) MP3 player might tap into my wireless
network and plant yet another rootkit? 
Or have cell phone-like capabilities to 'call home' about my network or
Or even worse, have built-in GPS and cell phone to 'call home' and report
where I go?

If you haven't thought of these ideas yet, you can't use them unless you ask
for and receive my explicit permission.

JW Clements

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